National Trade Show Alliance is proud to offer our members convenient, and effective medical health options. Our organization is now partnering with UCM Digital Health which offers numerous benefits from telemedicine, to pre-ER consulting, At-Home Testing, Workers Comp assessments and the all to important Mental Health Screening.  For more information, contact:

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Benefits for your organization

  • Reimagine triage and expectations at the beginning
  • Expand or replace telemedicine offerings with a one-stop-shop comprehensive solution.
  • Reduce costs, increase access and improve quality.
  • 24-hour access to emergency medicine trained providers.
  • NO* cost consults for employees.
  • Prescriptions for medication and orders for diagnostic testing when appropriate.
  • Consults do NOT result in medical claim to health plan.
  • Care coordination team follows up on 100% of consults.

* HSA and High Deductible Health Plans can opt to have a $10 copay per consult